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Why Online Therapy?

Online therapy affords you the ability to access therapy from anywhere!

My clients report enjoying the ability to chat with me from the comfort of their homes (sometimes snuggled up in their beds!). Other clients appreciate the ability to see me quickly from a private room at their office, rather than having to take up to an hour in travel time to come to my office & find parking. Even folks who were initially skeptical, often find that there is an intimate confessional quality to meeting online that surprises them.

If you're not sure about online therapy, I'm happy to schedule an initial session to determine if it feels like a fit for you, before you sign on for the process. 

Online therapy works great for...

  • People with busy schedules who don't have time to drive to their appointments
  • People who prefer to be at home and comfortable, rather than having to come to an office
  • Post-partum women or those who are less able to leave the house
  • Those who frequently travel for work 
  • Families or other duos who are living in different cities but still want to do relational work
  • People who live in remote areas where therapists are in short supply